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2017-06-06 03:28 pm
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2017-06-05 11:52 am
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FFFC - June Summer Bingo Challenge

here is my card for the june summer bingo challenge in [community profile] fffc

sand castleskaraoke barcruise
summer campwildcardsummer love
camping triptree housefirework
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2017-05-12 06:23 pm

15Woes Prompt Tables

here are my claimed cards for [community profile] 15woes

Aries - H2O: Just Add Water - Cleo Sertori

001. Unpleasant Smell 002. Nervousness 003. Gossip 004. Fear of Death 005. Pollution
006. Isolation 007. Bright Lights 008. Deep Pit Opens 009. Hunger 010. Disoriented
011. Your Choice 012. Your Choice 013. Your Choice 014. Your Choice 015. Your Choice

Virgo - Don't Starve - Wendy

001. Mourning 002. Bad Luck 003. Unbearable People 004. Splitting Headache 005. Lethargy
006. Killjoy 007. Drowning 008. Avoidance 009. Personal Crisis 010. Theft
011. Your Choice 012. Your Choice 013. Your Choice 014. Your Choice 015. Your Choice
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2017-05-12 05:26 pm

Whole_New_World Prompt Tables

my claimed cards for [community profile] whole_new_world

Rock Band/Pop Star/Acting/Misc. Fame - W.I.T.C.H.
001.Go Big, or Go Home002.Bright Lights003.Friendship004.Troubled Thoughts005.Adversity
006.Stand Out007.Style008.Adjusting to Fame009.Backlash010.Overcoming Embarrassment
011.Sleepless Nights012.Purpose013.Rivalry014.Bad Timing015.Scandal

Vampire/Werewolf/Otherworldly Entities - Stardew Valley

001.Transformation002.Midnight Hour003.Taboo004.Fear Stricken005.The Unknown
006.Secrets007.Violence008.Humanity009.Cradle010.Misery Loves Company
011.Inner Demons012.Inner Strength013.Possession014.Power Struggle015.Voice
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2017-05-10 12:28 pm

15kisses Prompt Tables

here are my claimed cards from [community profile] 15kisses

Aquarius - Stardew Valley - Abigail / Haley

001. Challenge 002. Straight 003. Boat 004. Manipulate 005. Petite
006. Rose 007. Tempt 008. Oppose 009. Exuberant 010. Anger
011. Deafening 012. Tea 013. Weakness 014. Deep 015. Blue

- H20: Just Add Water - Emma Gilbert / Rikki Chadwick

001. Gifted 002. Enchant 003. Assist 004. Castle 005. Train
006. Torment 007. Freedom 008. Tongue 009. Affirmation 010. Comfort
011. Mist 012. Shake 013. Silly 014. Misunderstanding 015. Fight
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2017-05-09 11:06 pm

15kinks Prompt Tables

here are my claimed cards for [community profile] 15kinks

- WWE - Charlotte / Becky Lynch

001.Food Used During Sex002.Frottage003.Gentleness004.Hurt/Comfort005.Necking
006.Loss of Control007.Marriage008.Mirrors009.Mussed Hair010.Nipple Play
011.Your Choice012.Your Choice013.Your Choice014.Your Choice015.Your Choice

Ophiuchus - WWE - Alexa Bliss / Nia Jax

001.Crude Language002.Seduction003.Hooking Legs Around Shoulders004.Sex Outdoors005.Sixty-nine (69)
006.Romantic Weekends007.Hair or Fur Fetishization008.Switch009.Handjob010.Closets
011.Your Choice012.Your Choice013.Your Choice014.Your Choice015.Your Choice
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2017-04-25 03:10 pm

Dear Prime Time Player (2017)

Hello, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] kadma. This is my first exchange and I'm super excited! Below, you'll find a list of my general likes and do not wants, followed by a short paragraph per fandom of prompts / suggestions, all of which are optional.

General Likes:
  • PWP / smut
  • feelings / introspection
  • missing scenes / codas
  • in-character dialog makes my heart race
  • illegal drugs (inc. marijuana)
  • animal abuse / death
  • alpha / beta / omega and bestiality
  • bodily fluids (kink and non-kink)
  • pregnancy & kid-fic
  • first person POV
  • out of character characters
  • crossovers / aus


Jane the Virgin
  • Petra Solano / Jane Villanueva
  • Petra Solano & Jane Villanueva
These two! Oh, boy. Their on-off canon friendship is painfully delicious. I just want poor Petra to have something good in her life. Anything goes here: fluffy friendship, pining and adulterous smut, bickering over whose child is the cutest and/or learning the fastest, Jane and Petra watching Frozen because Mateo loves that movie and Petra's slow realisation at the significance of her twins' names, etc. Happy endings are highly requested.

Hannibal (TV)
  • Alana Bloom / Margot Verger
  • Alana Bloom / Bedelia du Maurier
  • Bedelia du Maurier / Chiyoh
Bedelia is such a fascinating character so some psychology allusions during a sexual encounter would be interesting. Chiyoh is a character who was never revisited in canon, so there are a lot of questions here: how do she and Bedelia see each other? What is their relationship like? Do they date? Do they become 'murder wives' when Hannibal & Will vanish? Bonus points for Bedelia coping with her physical disability (amputated leg) during a post-canon encounter with Chiyoh.

Ace Attorney
  • Franziska von Karma / Maya Fey
  • Franziska von Karma / Adrian Andrews
  • Juniper Woods / Athena Cykes
  • Metis Cykes / Aura Blackquill
These ships are the most versatile of my requests! Maya and Franziska's first sexual experience with a woman together, a furiously blushing and extremely shy Adrian asking Franziska out on a date, Juniper and Athena's plans for the future, how the prodigal scientist Aura Blackquill fell in love with a woman with a silly haircut (and then lost her to the cruel hands of fate and was never the same again.)

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of femslash -- every fandom needs some more! Hopefully, these prompts gave you an idea of what sort of stuff I like. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! <3
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2017-04-22 07:44 pm

Tic_Tac_Woe Bingo Card

here is my card for [community profile] tic_tac_woe

Technology failsClimate changeWishes go awry/spells rebound
ClonesWILD CARDLoss of atmosphere
Sucked into black holeEveryone loses x abilityTime/space rifts

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2017-04-01 02:44 pm

allbingo's April Card - Rainbows

here is april's public card from [community profile] allbingo, with the theme of rainbows!
Red VioletRoseGoldenrodLeather JacketSasquatch Socks
Booger BusterTigers EyeTimberwolfOcean GreenOrange Red
Fresh AirMagic PotionFREE SPACEBittersweetOcean Blue
Mountain MeadowShampooSapphirePacific BlueMeat Brown
Burnt SiennaPeaches and CreamLumberAquamarineMidnight

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2017-02-03 07:07 pm

Prompt Table Challenge: Shakespeare Quotes

shakespeare quote prompt table challenge for [community profile] femslashficlets

1.Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold - As You Like It
2.They had not skill enough your worth to sing - Sonnet 106
3.Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs - Romeo and Juliet
4.Hell is empty and all the devils are here - The Tempest
5.To die upon a kiss - Othello
6.Let not light see my black and deep desires - Macbeth
7.That I in your sweet thoughts would be forgot - Sonnet 71
8.For where thou art, there is the world itself, and where thou art not, desolation - Henry IV
9.Now is the winter of our discontent - Richard III
10.You have witchcraft in your lips - Henry V
11.Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps - Much Ado About Nothing
12.A dream itself is but a shadow - Hamlet
13.I had no judgment when to her I swore - A Midsummer Night's Dream
14.With groans that thunder love, with sighs of fire - Twelfth Night
15.The field's chief flower, sweet above compare - Venus and Adonis
16.Nothing can be made out of nothing - King Lear
17.Her passions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love - Antony and Cleopatra
18.I am not bound to please thee with my answers - The Merchant of Venice
19.The fault… is not in our stars, but in ourselves - Julius Caesar
20.She's beautiful and therefore to be wooed - Henry VI

3. like a concrete fever || sasha banks / charlotte || g 
7. gotta stop the games we're playing || bayley / asuka || g
11. just one touch || alexa bliss / nia jax || g
14. decadence of decay || charlotte / becky lynch || e
15. without ever letting you know || dana brooke / mickie james || g
16. in the lining of your skin || dana brooke / emma || g
19. diamond words melted into some ice || sasha banks / bayley || m
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2017-01-12 10:07 am

Ladies Bingo Card - Round #4

here's my card for round #4 in [community profile] ladiesbingo!

Chaos and Order Abduction as Seduction Spiders (Giant, Radioactive, or otherwise unusual) Roleplay An Ethical Dilemma
Pirate AU Ship and Captain / Mount and Rider Pretending to be married That Moment (incident / chapter / episode) in detail One of the Dispossessed
The Cost of Magic Island Wild CardA Battle / Fight / Confrontation Be Still My Beating Heart
I am your father/mother Kinks The Bridge Silhouette Declarations of Love
Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing Sleeping arrangements Remix Masks Office

1. couldn't wash the echoes out || alicia fox / eva marie || g
the smallest of gestures || bayley / carmella || g
a waltz of hypocrisy || alexa bliss / becky lynch || g